Blasting / Hydroblasting & Painting

At WIPS, we provide various types of blasting and Painting services to the industry, Energy Plant, Shiyard operation and Oil & Gas industry, including UHP (Ultra High Pression), Hydroblasting and more traditional grit and steel ball blasting. At WIPS we understand that surface preparation is essential for satisfactory performance of any paint system, The most expensive and advanced painting systems will fait if surface preparation is inadequate either in cleanliness or profile.

Our highly skilled Blasters and Painters are committed to provide the best solutions, best methods, best quality and best value in areas as: Shipyards, LNG Plants, Energy Plants, Fabrication facilities, Offshore & Onshore projects and more.

All our coating systems are applied in accordance with the respective paint manufactures specifications. This process is closely monitored thoughout the coating application.

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