Support Services

"Support Services " in the area of project where WISE Industrial and Petroleum Services take responsibility for mobilising and managing appropriately qualified personnel to meet client requirements while these professionals work under the control of the client.
WISE Industrial and Petroleum Services manage all related personnel issues during the entire project lifecycle from logistics, welfare, performane, payroll right the way through to demobilisation.

Benefits of our "Support Services

  • As a well-etablished contractor in our own right we understand fully the intricacies of project requirements especialy in terms of the quality of personnel ressources, budgets and shedule.
  • Allow clients to focus on core activities__by reducing their back of house office requirements.
  • Extensive pool of experienced personnel.
  • Speedy mobilisation and demobilisation.
  • Reduced fixed overhead costs (Staff, accomodation, transport, etc...).
  • Reduced recruitement costs.
  • Knowledge transfer to client personnel.
  • Competitive market rates.
  • Proven track record with blue chip clients.
  • Familiraty with working in diverse international locations.

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